FPL Season 2021-22: Gameweek 5 preview

Gameweek 5 was Cristiano’s Ronaldo’s gameweek. There were, of course, plenty of other players who played well and hauled big, but whether you liked it or not, in the end the biggest spotlights were really all on the Portuguese superstar. With a brace on his return to Man United, slotting straight into their starting eleven, he lived up to the huge hype and then some. To be fair, Newcastle’s defence did not put up too much of a fight, but then again, was there ever going to be any stopping Ronaldo? Probably not.

From an FPL point of view though, gameweek 5 was interesting for a whole other reason as well. With fitting various premium picks into one team being one of the major challenges of this season’s early stages, the quest for good budget options seems more alive than ever in the FPL community. In that light, the fact that no less than five members of last week’s Team of the Week can be considered serious budget-enablers is very interesting. Wolves defender Marçal (now at £4.6m) and Chelsea midfielder Matteo Kovacic (now at £5.1m) were the round’s joint top scorers with 13 FPL points, while Andros Townsend (£5.4m, 12 points), Odsonne Edouard (£6.5m, 12 points) and Leandro Trossard (£6.4m, 11 points) also provided real differential value.

Don’t forget, the deadline for gameweek 5 is set at 18h30 (UK time) on Friday, September 17th. If you’re considering a GW5 FPL wildcard then check out this FISO forum topic.

Most transferred in/transferred out players (as per September 16th, 2021)

GKMartínez (AST), Lloris (TOT), Foster (WAT)Sánchez (BRI), Schmeichel (LEI), Steer (AST)
DEFTsimikas (LIV), Shaw (MUN), Dier (TOT)Marçal (WOL), Duffy (BRI), Alexander-Arnold (LIV)Dier dead-leg, TAA and Marçal hauls in GW4
MIDFernandes (MUN), Son (TOT), Benrahma (WHU)Gray (EVE), Pogba (MUN), Gallagher (CRY)Gray and Gallagher form at bargain price
FORAntonio (WHU), Calvert-Lewin (EVE), Ings (AST)Ronaldo (MUN), Lukaku (CHE). Bamford (LEE)Antonio red card, DCL injury, Ronaldo debut, Lukaku form, Bamford stats & fixtures

Premium pick

With 3 goals and 2 assists from the first four games and a home game against Crystal Palace up next, Mo Salah (£12.5m) looks set to become the most-captained player once again this weekend. The Egyptian forward is also our premium fantasy pick of choice. Remember when he came on for a half-an-hour cameo at Selhurst Park last season? Exactly. Salah did play 84 minutes in the Champions League against AC Milan on Wednesday (and scored the all-important equaliser right after the break after missing a penalty), but he should be OK for Saturday’s clash at Anfield. Palace have conceded 5 goals in four games so far and despite their confidence-boosting victory over a 10-men Spurs side in gameweek 4, we can really see this encounter only going one way. You will see Salah return in our captaincy segment as well.

Non-premium pick

After an incredible 2020-21 campaign with 17 goals and 11 assists, and an inevitable price rise as consequence, Patrick Bamford (£7.9m) has had a relatively quiet start to the current season. It should be noted though, that Leeds have not had the easiest of starts to the season with an away game at Old Trafford in GW1 and a home game against Liverpool last weekend. Still, Bamfy has managed a goal an an assist overall for a total of 16 FPL points and has had plenty of shots in the box. Up next are the League’s leakiest defence when the Whites are travelling to Newcastle on Friday night, followed by an appealing run of fixtures until at least November. Based on Leeds’ and Bamford’s performances last season, we’re still confident that they can return to their winning and goal-scoring ways. A free-flowing victory over the Toon might be just what they need to be on their way.

The budget enabler

We mentioned the growing category of budget-enablers in the Fantasy Premier League universe earlier, so we were a bit spoilt for choice here. We would’ve gone with Crystal Palace’s Chelsea loanee Conor Gallagher had it not been for his away game at Anfield this weekend. Instead, we’re recommending Everton’s extremely clinical forward Demarai Gray (£5.7m). The 25-year old winger, who is listed as a budget midfielder in FPL, has so far scored with every shot on goal, which is why he currently sits on 3 goals and 24 FPL points from his last three outings. Everton are in excellent goalscoring form and this weekend’s away game at Villa Park is followed by a home game against Norwich. With Gray having earned himself a nailed-on spot in Rafa Benitez’ starting eleven, more points could be on the way in the near future for the very kindly priced attacker.

The differential

One of this Premier League season’s early themes is the Curious Case of the Wolverhampton Wanderers. Despite posting some of the attacking and defensive underlying statistics after four games, Bruno Lage’s men find themselves back in 13th place with just three points. While their expected goals ratio currently sits at just over 7, they have actually scored just twice and one of those goals was an own goal last weekend. Their tough opening fixtures (Leicester away, Spurs at home, United at home) surely didn’t help, but their schedule has cleared up now. This means that several of their fantasy assets might be due a purple patch or at least a haul soon, and one of those assets is striker Raul Jimenez (£7.4m). Despite a total of 12 shots in the box and 12 provided key passes, the Mexican forward does not have a single attacking return to his name so far. As a result, his current ownership is just 4.4%. With Brentford and Newcastle (both at Molineux) and Southampton away coming up in the next three weeks, now could be the moment to bring the big man in and fully benefit from his extreme differential status.

The captaincy

With Ronaldo back in the Premier League, you can expect him to return to this segment weekly bar some kind of force majeure. He’s coming off a dream return to Old Trafford and a mid-week goal in the Champions League, and he has West Ham in London in his sights now. Still, for the GW5 Captain we’re opting for that other powerhouse Mo Salah, when Liverpool host Crystal Palace at Anfield on Saturday. Putting the band on his arm seems like the safest option this weekend.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, the Leeds game at Saint James’ Park should interest you as well. Both Bamford and Raphinha look like they could have some fun on Friday night, with the former carrying the additional appeal of penalty duties. To go even more differential, you could opt for Ismaila Sarr at Carrow Road or indeed Teemu Pukki for the home side. The final game of the weekend also offers an interesting option in the person of Romelu Lukaku as Chelsea visit the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to take on a battered Spurs defence.

Poker vs blackjack: Which is the game for you?

No matter which online casino you frequent, you will surely have noticed that both poker and blackjack are always amongst the most popular games available. Of the two, blackjack is the more straight-forward and less dramatic option, while poker in its many different forms is often the game where the money’s at. It should be no surprise, for example, that most of the world’s richest and most successful gamblers are avid and experienced poker players. It does take more practice and generally a serious starting bankroll to book any kind of considerable long-term success, though.

As most things in life, both poker and blackjack each have their upsides and their downsides. Therefore, we figured that it would be interesting to take a bit more detailed look at the key differences between these two popular online casino games. We’ll also briefly go over the odds structure for each game, and why one game or the other might be more suitable for you.

Of course, regardless of the game, always remember to gamble responsibly. As the industry slogan goes: when the fun stops, stop. And do some research on which online casinos to use, something that www.casinokix.com have looked at in depth.

Poker and blackjack at your online casino

We’re assuming that you are here because you already have some experience with at least a few of the more popular games at online casinos, but just in case, we’ll quickly explain the basics of poker and blackjack here below.

Poker is probably the best-known and most popular online casino game. It refers to a family of card games with varying rules in which players wager over which hand is best according to those specific rules. The game has been around since the early 19th century and experienced a great surge in popularity during the second half of the 20th century, especially after the start of the World Series of Poker in 1970.

Blackjack is probably one of the few online casinos that can rival poker’s popularity worldwide. It’s a fun game with a rather low barrier to entry, as the rules are quite easy to learn. Based on a standard classic deck of 52 playing cards, where each player competes against the dealer (also referred to as “the house”) individually. The goal of the game is to get a total card value of 21 or as close as possible to 21, without exceeding it.

Key differences between poker and blackjack

Despite the fact that both games are online casino classics, they have considerable differences, which means that one might suit your gaming preferences and risk profile more than the other. The major difference between the two probably lies in the approach to each game and the basic strategies required by each game.

  • Strategy: Success in blackjack is dependent on a combination of a strict strategy, some experience and knowledge, and a certain amount of luck. Becoming a successful poker player can be the result of different, often very personalised strategies, as well as a knowledge of psychology and the techniques of deception, also known as “bluffing”.
  • Competition: A big difference between these two online casino games lies in the type of competitiveness each one offers. In poker, players are facing each other and the house influences very little. In blackjack, players can try and outdo each other, but they are always playing an individual game against the house.
  • Interaction: Blackjack players, in theory, don’t need to interact with other players at all if they don’t want to. Poker is much more of a social game in which skills like using and reading body language or online behaviour can mean the difference between losing or winning big.
  • Odds: In comparison to blackjack odds, poker odds are much more skill-based. Blackjack players take on the casino, which makes the odds structure more straight forward. The house always has an edge, but an experienced player with a solid strategy can lower this considerably compared to a beginner. In poker, the odds of winning can vary enormously. It’s not only about getting a winning hand, but understanding the odds of getting the necessary cards for that hand based on the limited information you get from the table and the other players.

As you’ve probably understood by now, much of each game’s suitability to your preferred gambling style depends on what kind of competition you’re most comfortable with. The good thing is that you can easily switch between the two as well at practically every online casino. If you get a kick out of competing with other players and are confident in your poker face, then poker is probably more exciting for you. If you prefer a bit more structure or a more solitary approach while still applying a certain amount of skills, then blackjack might be ideal for you.

Why are Fantasy Sports So Much Fun?

The sporting industry is enormous, with a worth of £23.8 billion in the UK alone. People enjoy getting actively involved in their favourite sports, which is where fantasy sports come in. A fantasy sport is a virtual game that puts you in the manager’s seat. You put together a virtual team that represents your favourite players. When you compete in fantasy sports, games are won and lost based on a player’s statistics in the real world. If you’re intrigued by fantasy sports, you can find out more below.

Soccer Ball on Grass Field during Daytime

What Is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports let people build their own team made up of actual players. Then, they play online against other teams. To win the games, you need to have the strongest team. Your team’s statistics will be based on the real-world statistics of the players within. There are two ways of playing games: either open against all other managers, or in a private league. The best way to play is in a private league.

Once you’ve won a game, you earn points. Point scoring is different depending on the fantasy sports that you’re playing. Typically, you will get points for the following:

  • Scoring Goals. When your player scores in real life, your fantasy player will score. The more they score, the more you score.
  • Matches Played. If a fantasy player in your starting line-up plays a game, in reality, you will earn points. Please note, the player must start the game and not be brought on as a sub.
  • Assists. When your player passes to someone, who then scores a goal, you will get points. This option isn’t available in all fantasy sports games.
  • Defending. Usually applicable to goalkeepers and defenders, you will get points for any attempted goals they deflect.
  • Performance. In some cases, you will be rewarded for the real-life players doing well. For example, if they gain man of the match, you will score some points.

As well as all the ways you can earn points, you can lose them if you concede goals or get booked. You will need to monitor the real statistics constantly and edit your team accordingly. If you manage to place in mid-table for the season, you’re doing well. Now, let’s look at why fantasy sports are so fun.

The Thrill of The Win

Believe it or not, winning fantasy tournaments is difficult. You will come across competitors with more knowledge and time on their hands throughout the season. So, when you win, there’s a great feeling of satisfaction. If you want to add an extra thrill to the chase, you should throw some money into the mix. You can get a bonus without a deposit up to 200% by following the link.


It goes without saying that sports fans are hot for competition. Playing in a fantasy sport allows players to try out their tactics and learn what it’s like to be bested by luck and unpredictable circumstances.

Make New Friends

If you play in a season-long fantasy league, you will start talking to like-minded people and can wind up with life-long friends. Sometimes, you will be in a league where everyone lives close to one another. If this is the case, you may be invited to a draft party. Alternatively, if you do live far away from your competition, you will still get to talk to fellow fans and build new connections.

It’s Fun

When you’re on the outside looking in, it’s difficult to explain how fun fantasy sports is. However, once you start playing and you find yourself in the middle of work wondering whether you’ve chosen the correct team, you’ll soon understand. Just like playing console sports games, fantasy sports allow people to get away from the real world and think about something else for a bit.

Flat Screen Television

You Take Charge

We’ve all shouted at the TV in anger at a loss and thought we could do a better job than the manager. If this sounds familiar, you should try fantasy sports. You are put in the hot seat and need to build up a successful team. If you get involved in a high-quality league, you will be able to transfer players, reset the line-up, and make adjustments throughout the season. The best thing about playing pretend manager is that you don’t need to carry the shame of an entire fanbase on your shoulders.

People love sports and get deeply lost in the competitive elements. Fantasy sports allow people to take the reins and build a team from scratch. While competing against other teams all over the world, you will get to meet some new friends. If you’re lucky, your competition will live close by, allowing the opportunity to attend or throw a draft party. Find a quality league now and join in on the action.

Envelopes and Podcasts. The Abridged History of Fantasy Sports

It might be a sore point for British fans of the pastime but fantasy sports is very much an American thing, at least in terms of its history. The activity has its roots in the lifetime of one Bill Winkenbach, a California man who invented fantasy golf back in the 1950s. In 1962, Bill created the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League, the first fantasy football league and a mouthful of words if there’s ever been one.

Indian Premier League

Of course, today, the concept of fantasy sports has its fingers in many different pies. Selecting a first eleven is the starting point of most sports video games, for example, though early titles like Pong (1972) were content just to get players on the virtual field. The scalability of fantasy sports, like video games, is arguably why it remains so popular. From a personal endeavour to a national contest, it’s possible to do it all.

Source: Pixabay.

With its emphasis on prediction, there are plenty of parallels with sports betting too. Cricket betting, in particular, is a growth industry in places like India, where cricket is a national sport. Modern cricket betting allows players to wager on markets such as top batsman, series winner, and top wicket-taker, among others, but the prospect of simply guessing something correctly provides its own reward.

Sports betting and fantasy sports generally focus on the same top leagues and series, including the Indian Premier League, where the Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals are the current favourites to win the latest cricket betting tips. However, in both fields, places with an emphasis on smaller competitions can be found. In the case of fantasy sports, leagues are often entirely custom.

Lord of the Rings

Football magazine FourFourTwo identifies British man Andrew Wainstein as the brainchild behind the UK version of fantasy football. Before the turn of the millennium, Wainstain latched onto the idea of a mail-based competition that blossomed into a BBC radio show with Frank Skinner and David Baddiel. Wainstein notes that his fantasy football contest began with no money at all, and just a few envelopes.

Source: Pixabay.

Cricketer Stuart Broad is one of the more famous fantasy sports players, famously beating 6 million people for overall points in 2018 – at football. However, cricket is growing as a fantasy option. Newspaper The Telegraph hosts its own fantasy cricket league, as do several small clubs, such as Tunbridge Wells CC. Websites like Fantasy Club Sports and Cricket XI are arguably the more likely destination for players, though.

Fantasy sports transcend the activity that they’re based upon, requiring zero knowledge or interest in actual sport. Creator of the fantasy podcast The Gaffer Tapes notes that its leagues are populated with Lord of the Rings fans due to an appearance on the show by Dominic Monaghan, who played Merry in Peter Jackson’s series of epic movies. It’s that accessibility that keeps the activity popular.

While the history of fantasy sports is one of isolated creation, the hobby is rapidly becoming something of a mainstream concern.

FPL Season 2021/22: Gameweek 4

1,304,361. One million, three hundred and four thousand and something. That’s how many FPL managers have transferred in Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) since his transfer to Manchester United was confirmed on August 31st. That’s over 17% of all managers currently playing the official Premier League fantasy game. We don’t have the historical numbers, but we doubt there have been many, or indeed any, transfers with such an immediate and huge impact on the FPL community.

The Portuguese superstar’s return to the Premier League has seen managers all over the world scrambling to somehow accommodate their squads to bring him in. With the upcoming gameweek 4 already expected to see considerable Wild Card activity prior to the confirmation of Ronaldo’s transfer, you can expect the template to look pretty different come the GW4 deadline. This also explains, for example, the more than 300,000 managers transferring out Romelu Lukaku after a few more than promising showings and over 750,000 managers removing United talisman Bruno Fernandes from their squads. Ronaldo’s arrival to the FPL has made this year’s budgets seem even tighter.

In other news, gameweek 4 is also following this season’s first international break. This means added uncertainty in terms of fitness and starting spots for more than a few players, only worsened by differing quarantine rules depending on where a player was active with his national team. Popular picks like Belgium striker Lukaku and South Korea star man Heung-Min Son are currently injury doubts, while many South American internationals, like Emi Buendia, Raul Jimenez and Raphinha, may all miss out on gameweek 4 due to various quarantine-related issues. Our advice: keep a close eye on team and individual player news, especially if you’re planning on using your Wild Card in GW4.

Don’t forget, the deadline for gameweek 4 is set at 11h00 (UK time) on Saturday, September 11th.

Most transferred in/transferred out players (as per September 9th, 2021)

GKMartinez (AST), Foster (WAT), Schmeichel (LEI), Sánchez (BRI) Lloris (TOT), Raya (BRE), Sánchez (BRI)
DEFTsimikas (LIV), Shaw (MUN), James (CHE)Duffy (BRI), Reguilón (TOT), Alonso (CHE)James red card suspension, Shaw lack of clean sheets, Duffy ongoing starts
MIDFernandes (MUN), Son (TOT), Raphinha (LEE), Grealish (MCI)Torres (MCI), Gray (EVE), Benrahma (WHU)Torres goals in GW3, Fernandes and Son exchanged for Ronaldo, Gray form
FORIngs (AST), Lukaku (CHE), Toney (BRE)Ronaldo (MUN), Antonio (WHU), Lukaku (CHE)Ronaldo’s arrival, Antonio form, Ings difficult upcoming fixtures

Premium pick

It’s kind of hard to not speak about Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.5m) as part of our premium fantasy pick recommendations for gameweek 4, especially not when you consider that Manchester United are hosting Newcastle on Saturday. The Magpies currently boast the worst Expected Goals Conceded ratio in the league bar Arsenal and it’s difficult to see them keeping out the Red Devils this weekend. There has been some discussion in the FPL community about Ronaldo’s chances of starting and him “fitting into the side”, but those points are not very relevant in this extraordinary case. The Portugal captain, who actually brought his national team victory over the Republic of Ireland with a spectacular added-time brace at the start of the international break, is one of the two best players in the history of football and will slide into United’s team right away. He came to Manchester to play, to score and to win, it’s that simple. If not, he would not have returned to Old Trafford. Whether he is worth a major fantasy side overhaul or even an early Wild Card straight away remains to be seen, but count on Ronaldo becoming a major factor at both United and in the Premier League as a whole in record time. Assuming anything else, means doing his international prize-winning and goalscoring record injustice.

Non-premium pick

Speaking of goalscoring, opening a season with 4 goals (and 4 assists) in the first three games is the kind of form we would associate with Ronaldo. In this case though, we’re not talking about Man United’s star forward, but about West Ham’s main man up front, Michail Antonio (£7.9m). The Jamaica international, who switched allegiance to the Caribbean nation and made his debut for the Reggae Boyz last week, is currently the highest-scoring player in the official fantasy game with 40 FPL points. His international exploits are obviously a bit of a worry in terms of fitness and energy levels, but it’s hard to see the Hammers not calling upon him for the upcoming away game against Southampton. The Saints have been unable to keep a clean sheet so far, conceding 6 goals in their first three games, and we’re not expecting the first one to come against the league’s current most prolific side. Antonio in his current form will be more than a handful for them and we can see the Hammers forward making it attacking returns in four consecutive games on Saturday.

The budget enabler

One of the low-key surprises of this young 2021-22 Premier League campaign is Demarai Gray (£5.6m), who currently defends the colours of Everton FC on loan from Leicester. The lowly-priced winger, who is listed as a midfielder in the official fantasy game, has played at least 80 minutes in each of Everton’s first three league games of the season and with good reason. The 25-year old was on target in both gameweek 2 against Leeds and gameweek 3 against Brighton for a more than decent total of 17 FPL points. The Toffees have a visit of Burnley coming up next, who have taken just a single point from three games and conceded 5 goals in the process. At just £5.6m, Gray looks like a very shrewd bet, not just for the upcoming game against the Clarets, but also for the medium-term as Everton will be facing Aston Villa away and Norwich at home after this weekend.

The differential

With the Harry Kane situation settled for now, some calm and clarity seems to have returned to Spurs. Under former Wolves coach Nuno Espirito Santo, the London side has had an effective if not somewhat unspectacular start to the season with three consecutive 1-0 victories, including one against reigning champions Manchester City in gameweek 1. One of the players who seems to have impressed Nuno from the get go is Dutch international Steven Bergwijn (£6.0m), who has played at least 75 minutes in every league game this season. He has paid back his manager’s confidence with 2 assists, meaning that he has been directly involved in 2/3 of his team’s goals so far. This also led to return to the Dutch national team for the past international break, in which he left a good impression in the victories over Montenegro and Turkey. Despite being seen icing his ankle on Tuesday after being taken off by Louis van Gaal in the 61th minute against Turkey, Stevie seems to be fit and ready to start for Spurs against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Saturday. With a current ownership of just 1.3%, he represents considerable differential value in GW4.

The captaincy

As far as the captaincy goes, we’re expecting plenty of managers to give the armband to Cristiano Ronaldo this weekend. Despite his obvious Premier League and overall goalscoring pedigree, and the real chances of him hitting the ground running against Newcastle, we are opting for another Red Devil as our captain this weekend. There has been much talk about Bruno Fernandes‘ diminished appeal as a premium FPL asset with the arrival of his compatriot and penalty specialist Ronaldo, but don’t forget that Bruno has been one of the most consistent fantasy performers over the past two seasons. He could very well have a big haul coming his way on Saturday after two disappointing outings and we’re placing the captain’s band in his arm.

Outside of United hosting Newcastle, gameweek 4 offers a few other interesting captaincy options as well. There is, of course, the case of Mo Salah visiting Leeds on Sunday, while Harry Kane starting against Palace a day earlier looks enticing as well. The form of Michail Antonio as West Ham visit Saint Mary’s should not be ignored either. For the more differential captaincy picks, Dominic Calvert-Lewin at home against Burnley, Kai Havertz at home to Villa and Raul Jimenez (if available) for his encounter with promoted Watford could reap big rewards.

FanTeam 2021-22: 250K Champions League Group Stage – Budget picks

After what may well be called one of the most spectacular summer transfer windows in recent memory, European football’s ball of billions is upon us once again. In a week’s time, Sevilla FC at home against Red Bull Salzburg and Swiss side Young Boys at home to Premier League giants Manchester United are kicking off the 2021-22 edition of the Champions League, and of course, FanTeam is present. As we have become accustomed by now from Europe’s largest DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) platform, they have announced another giant €250K Champions League Group Stage tournament at a buy-in of just €25 a pop.

As one of the main sources for FanTeam Champions League content, we at FISO.co.uk will be providing tips and useful information in the build-up to the September 14 kick-off. To start with, especially for the newcomers (very welcome, by the way!), you can find a comprehensive overview of the 250K Champions League Group Stage tournament’s rules here.

In this piece then, we will be taking a look at some of the best value and budget options amongst the 32 Champions League rosters. With living Champions League legends and regular heavy hitters like Robert Lewandowski (14.5M), Karim Benzema (13.5M), Lionel Messi (13.5M) and Cristiano Ronaldo (13.0M) all weighing heavily on your 100M budget, making a few effective budget-enabling fantasy picks can go a long way in helping you finish inside the lofty €250K prize pool.

Don’t forget that the deadline for submitting a team in the €250K Champions League Group Stage game is set at 16h15 (UK time) on Tuesday, September 14th.


When budgets are tight and player prices high, picking a decent budget goalkeeper can help free up the funds you need to invest in your outfield players. For example, where premium shot stoppers like Thibaut Courtois and Gianluigi Donnarumma are available at heavy 8.0M price tags, finding a goalkeeper priced at 6.5M or even 6.0M can mean the difference between including Sadio Mané (12.0M) in your team instead of Roberto Firmino (10.0M) or Paul Pogba (10.5M) instead of Anthony Martial (9.5M).

Then again, goalkeepers can provide good value as well when they manage to combine a starting spot with a decent defence in front of them and a good set of upcoming fixtures. In a strong group, ‘save’ potential can be of value as well. In that light, one of last season’s best budget goalkeeper picks Péter Gulásci (6.5M) presents himself once again. His side RB Leipzig are in the extremely challenging group A with PSG and Manchester City, as well as Club Brugge. Leipzig are opening at the Etihad in Manchester next Wednesday and are hosting Brugge for a must-win encounter on September 28th. A combination of save points from the first game and a potential clean sheet in the second is definitely on the cards for Gulásci.


This season, Trent Alexander-Arnold (8.5M) is the most expensive defender on FanTeam’s €250K Champions League Group Stage tournament, thanks to a combination of being part of a top defence and exceptional potential for attacking returns. Other high-profile defenders offering good chances of attacking returns, such as Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies and Manchester United’s Luke Shaw can be brought in for 8.0M, which still represents a considerable part of your available budget. While including one or even more of these premium defensive picks is recommended, you’ll likely at one point or another be looking for a few more budget-friendly alternatives as well.

One name to have on your watchlist is Villareal left-back Marcos Acuña (6.5M), who is first-choice for the reigning Europa League champions in both four- and five-man defensive set-ups. El Submarino Amarillo has conceded just one goal in their first three games of the 2021-22 LaLiga season, admittedly against smaller sides, and their opening schedule in the Champions League is kind as well. The Spaniards are starting with a home game against FC Salzburg before travelling to Wolfsburg in gameweek 2.


Some of the game’s most expensive fantasy picks this season can be found in midfield. The likes of Kevin de Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes cost 12.5M or more, while many of the world’s best wingers are listed as midfielders as well. These include prolific goalscorers like Liverpool’s Mo Salah (13.0M), Bayern’s Serge Gnabry (12.0M) and Real Madrid’s fit-again Eden Hazard (12.0M). In our search for interesting budget picks in midfield we have looked at assets priced at 8.5M or less as these can represent a considerable saving when compared to the popular premium picks.

At 8.5M, you can bring Bayern Munich mainstay Joshua Kimmich into your squad, which is interesting for several reasons. First of all, he is a nailed-on starting for the reigning German champions, usually as part of a double pivot just behind the teams four attackers. Second of all, he has set-piece duties for Bayern, both when it comes to corners and (indirect) free kicks. There are a few other candidates in the team as well, but Kimmich gets his fair share. And third of all, Bayern start the 2021-22 Champions League campaign with a home game against Dynamo Kiev followed by a visit to a Messi-less Barcelona side in big financial trouble.

For a whole million less, Davy Klaassen (7.5M) could be another interesting addition to your squad’s midfield. The Ajax midfielder and Dutch international is a key component of a side that will be eyeing qualification for the knock-out stages in a group with Borussia Dortmund, Sporting Lisbon and Besiktas. He has a knack for turning up in the box at the right time, which is illustrated by his 3 goals and 1 assist in six Europa League games last season, as well as by his 12 goals and 3 assists in the Eredivisie. The Amsterdam side are facing Sporting in Portugal and then Besiktas at home to kick off their Champions League campaign this year, so we feel Klaassen is worth keeping an eye at his price.


By far the biggest portion of ultra-premium fantasy assets in FanTeam’s €250K Champions League Group Stage game can be found in the Forward category. Besides the game’s most expensive player Robert Lewandowski (14.5M), big bucks are also required to bring in the likes of Romelu Lukaku (14.0M and the second-most expensive player in the game), Erling Haaland (13.5M) and Cristiano Ronaldo (13.0M). Even good attackers with lesser guarantees of playing minutes, such as Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus and Liverpool’s Diogo Jota will set you back more than 10M.

One big name who might end up being under-priced by FanTeam this season is Edin Dzeko (8.5M). The Nerazzurri lost their big man up front Romelu Lukaku to Man United just a few weeks ago and the Bosnian veteran was brought in to fill the void. In the two Serie A games that he played for Inter so far, Dzeko started as the sole striker and managed a goal and an assist. Their opening game in the Champions sees them square off with Real Madrid, but with an away game against Shahktar Donetsk followed by a double encounter with Moldovan minnows Sheriff Tiraspol, Dzeko looks like a potentially very smart use of limited funds.

For a second and even more budget-friendly forward pick, we’re staying in Milano, but moving to the red-and-black side of town. At AC Milan, another tall veteran in the person of Olivier Giroud (7.5M) has made a big impact from the get go. There is, of course, the not-so-small matter of Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the former Arsenal man to compete with, but with the Swedish forward out injured, Giroud has scored 2 goals in his first two games for the Rossoneri. Milan’s Champions League group is far from easy with Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and FC Porto, but with Giroud, you’re getting a proven goalscorer who is currently a starter for a good side at a bargain price.

Remeber you have almost 3 months of entertainment on offer but you must get your entries in by 4:15pm Tuesday 14th September. For furtehr help visit the FISO forum discussion on FanTeam’s September 2021 Champions League game.

€250K Champions League Group Stage Game from FanTeam – enter by 14 Sep 2021

FanTeam’s UEFA Champions League fantasy competition gets underway on Tuesday 14th September 2021 at 4:15pm. A massive guaranteed prize fund (paid in £GBP or €euros) awaits the top 1,250 placed teams with €50k (or £42k) to the overall winner as per:

In the group stage there are 6 gameweeks and you are allowed 2 free transfers per gameweek. There are no player price changes, no wildcards and no late registration. Pick 11 players (no subs) and if any of your players does not start then the saftey net will be activated for that gameweek (i.e. the next available starting player for that club in that position at cheaper price will replace your benched or injured player).

The scoring is typical FanTeam:

It’s always helpful to get off to a great start so watch out for the Gameweek 1 fixtures:

So almost 3 months of entertainment on offer but get your entries in by 4:15pm Tuesday 14th September. Join the FISO forum discussion on FanTeam’s September 2021 Champions League game.

FPL Season 2021/22: Gameweek 3 preview

Much of the gameweek 2 debate was about who was going to haul bigger, Mo Salah against Burnley at Anfield or Bruno Fernandes against Southampton at St. Mary’s. After impressive double digit hauls in the opening round of the season, another big-time return was only a question of time, right? Right?!

Well, the Premier League wouldn’t be the Premier League and the FPL wouldn’t be the FPL without throwing millions of fantasy managers (no player in FPL history had ever been more captained than Salah last weekend) a serious curveball when they least expect it. Instead of a bunch of goals and assists, Salah managed just a clean sheet for 3 FPL points. And Bruno? Well, he didn’t score, he didn’t assist and he didn’t record a clean sheet, but he did get a yellow card for arguing. One point for Portugal.

Instead, the outstanding fantasy performers of the weekend were Chelsea’s Reece James (18 FPL points, now part of 10% of all teams), West Ham’s Michail Antonio (16 points, now part of 38.4% of all teams) and Aston Villa’s Tyrone Mings (15 points, 9.9% of teams now). With Gabriel Jesus, Mateusz Klich and Aymeric Laporte, the Team of the Week also contained three players with ownerships well below 4% at the time of playing. It’s easy to focus our attention on the premium fantasy assets in a season in which budgets seem more restricted than ever, but gameweek 2 was mainly one for the non-premium picks and the differentials.

Don’t forget, the deadline for gameweek 3 is set at 11h00 (UK time) on Saturday, August 28th. Also do check out the Premier League Injury Table and Predicted Premier League Line-Ups before finalising your teams.

Most transferred in/transferred out players (as per August 26th, 2021)

GKMartinez (AST), Schmeichel (LEI), Foster (WAT)Lloris (TOT), Raya (BRE), Schmeichel (LEI)
DEFWhite (ARS), Shaw (MUN), Digne (EVE)Duffy (BRI), Tsimikas (LIV), James (CHE)White isolated, Duffy and Tsimikas budget options, Shaw and Digne lack of returns
MIDSalah (LIV), Saka (ARS), Barnes (LEI)Benrahma (WHU), Pogba (MUN), Jota (LIV)Saka flagged, form of transferred-in assets
FORToney (BRE), Iheanacho (LEI), Richarlison (EVE)Antonio (WHU), Lukaku (CHE), Ings (AST)Lukaku debut, Antonio and Ings goal-scoring form

Premium pick

With many of the popular premium fantasy picks preparing for difficult fixtures in gameweek 3, we have shifted our focus to the encounter between Spurs and Watford. The two London sides face each other on Sunday afternoon and with the continued uncertainty regarding Harry Kane’s role in Nuno Espirito Santo’s side, underlined by the fact that he has played just 18 minutes of PL football so far, we feel his partner up front Heung-Min Son (£10.1m) could haul big this weekend. Spurs have been far from free-scoring in the first two gameweeks of this campaign, winning both games one to nothing, but the Korean did score one of those goals, in GW1 versus Manchester City. Watford, on the other hand, have conceded two goals in each of their opening games. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Son make it two consecutive home games with attacking returns against the Hornets.

Non-premium pick

After 3 goals and 3 assists in the first two league games of the season, it’s kind of impossible to ignore Michail Antonio (£7.7m) for West Ham’s home game against Crystal Palace. At the moment, no player in the entire game has recorded more than his 29 FPL points. His starting price of £7.5m is already starting to look like a serious bargain and it’s no surprise that the Jamaica international looks set for a third price rise in just two gameweeks. Palace boast some of the worst underlying defensive stats in the league after two rounds and confidence is not exactly high after starting the season with a (calculated) defeat against Chelsea and a draw with newly-promoted Brentford, and no goals in their favour. West Ham’s story is quite different, because the Hammers have started their 2021/22 campaign with two victories versus Newcastle and Leicester, and 8 goals scored. More goals should be on the menu on Saturday and Antonio will likely be involved once again.

The budget enabler

Budget constraints as a result of expensive players in all categories are marking the start of the 2021/22 Fantasy Premier League season, but at the same time, an unprecedented number of budget-enabling defenders have emerged, some more permanent than others. We had Kostas Tsimikas as Andy Robertson’s replacement, while currently £4.0 assets Shane Duffy and Daniel Amartey are racking up playing minutes as well in the absence of one or more of their team mates. The budget enabler we would like to highlight this week though, is Southampton’s Tino Livramento (£4.0m), who is probably the safest extreme budget pick on the long-term. The Saints are far from the most defensively solid outfit in the league and the 18-year old Livramento has accrued just 3 FPL points so far, but he does seem to have the right-back spot nailed down. The Chelsea academy graduate hasn’t missed a minute so far and looks to have taken Kyle Walker-Peter’s spot in the starting eleven, seeing as the latter has been fit since the start of the campaign. His determined performance in the draw with Man United certainly earned him praise from the fans. With Newcastle away coming up this weekend, there could be some freedom for forward-oriented Livramento on the right flank, but the main argument for bringing him in is his starting berth at just £4.0m, making him a very good option as the fifth defender in your squad.

The differential

One young man who has been going under the radar over the past weeks is Dele Alli (£6.5m). Now, we know that more than a few fantasy managers will experience light symptoms of PTSD when mentioning his name due to his tendency to disappoint in a big way in past seasons, but the Spurs midfielder has had a more than decent start to the current campaign. Dele scored Tottenham’s only goal against Wolves in GW2 and he scored it from the penalty spot, which is interesting. Should Kane return to the Spurs fold soon, then penalty duties will most likely shift to the star forward, but Dele taking the spot kick last weekend inspires confidence. His new manager Espirito Santo has kept the England international on the pitch for 90 minutes in both league games so far and the attacking midfield spot seems his to lose. Against a Watford side that has already conceded 4 goals in two games, he will be looking to further cement his role as key man for Spurs this season. With an ownership of 2.9% at the moment of writing, the differential value here is more than considerable.

The captaincy

After overwhelming captaincy numbers for Salah and Fernandes in gameweek 2, we expect armbands to be a lot more spread around this weekend for the GW3 FPL captain. The Egyptian is always an option, but he does face Chelsea at Anfield this weekend, while the Portuguese playmaker visits Molineux on Sunday. At the same time, Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son are hosting new boys Watford, and that’s where we’d recommend to leave the armband. With Kane’s situation unclear still, our preference goes to Son, who could easily book a few attacking returns against a Hornets side that has already shipped 4 goals in two games against Villa and Brighton.

Outside of the more premium bracket, Michail Antonio at home to Crystal Palace and Dominic Calvert-Lewin away at a Brighton side that is vulnerable in the air look like excellent options for the armband. If you’re willing to play Pep Roulette, Riyad Mahrez, Jack Grealish and even Gabriel Jesus are interesting options as they host a weak Arsenal side. Jamie Vardy could haul for the first time this season as Leicester visit Norwich, while the ever-dangerous Callum Wilson might find the net against Southampton, just like Bamford and Raphinha at Turf Moor or Ings at home to Brentford who are yet to concede.

Top 12 Betting Tips for Beginners in 2021

You have learned the rules and basics and are now ready to place a blockbuster bet. Hold your horses.

Placing stakes has unwritten rules that will see you separated from your cash in seconds if not followed. To help you along the journey, here are the top 12 betting tips for beginners to employ in 2021.

green plant in clear glass vase

1. Start small

You’ve probably heard of stories of people winning big, so you can’t wait to get started. However, there’s a huge difference between theory and practice, so start with small bets as you learn the ropes.

Like any other skill, you will make plenty of mistakes early on before getting the hang of it. Better to dip your toes into the waters instead of diving headfirst and suffering a huge financial setback.

2. Realistic expectations

To reiterate the above point, reduce your expectations of a great payout as the winning odds are stacked against you.

That’s not to say there’s no chance of triumphing, just that you won’t win as much as you initially thought. Sure, you might catch a lucky break, but it takes skill and years of experience for the majority.

In short, set your expectations low so you don’t get discouraged from what could be a fruitful pastime.

3. Make and Stick to the plan

One of the best traits you should master is self-control–that should aid in making plans and sticking to them. Wagering taps into your emotions and ego that you will find it difficult to tear yourself from destructive moves.

Create short and long-term goals and don’t deviate from them. This could be a timeframe to hit a success target or how much you intend to spend. Whichever the case, stick to the plan.

4. Find a trusted betting site

It may seem like a given, but not all gambling websites are safe for wagering. You could lose cash to scam sites if you don’t conduct due diligence.

Ensure the website has encrypted connections using encryption. Check for the “https” or padlock in front of that casino’s web address on the website address bar. If the website is secure, it means all your online payment information is private and secure on that site.

For example, visit 22bet letöltés to check out a secure site. As you can see, the front of the address bar has a secure padlock. Hungarian sports fans will have fun betting on their computers or smartphone apps and make secure transactions, even with cryptocurrencies.

5. Clear mind

Only place wagers when you have cleared your mind, not when you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Since cash is involved, you don’t want to make regrettable decisions because of drugs.

It’s a common sight to see people staking while drunk, but that is a recipe for disaster. If you must drink, place your wagers earlier to avoid wagering blunders.

6. Wager what you can afford to forfeit

The reality of betting is that most people lose their money. Additionally, beginners are more likely to squander cash than more experienced bettors.

It would help if you decided early enough how much you are willing to ditch. Set a budget, be it daily, weekly, or monthly, and stick to that limit. Preferably, the cash should be from the budget surplus.

7. Keep records

In the same vein, document your triumphs and losses to track your bankroll. That should paint a picture of your profit and loss progress. In addition, keeping records could help:

  • Track speculating patterns
  • Track money spent and gained
  • Provide a clear roadmap for improving future betting

8. Stake on sports you know

You might see some game with enticing odds and decide to throw your lot with them. Staking on teams you don’t understand is a surefire way of losing cash.

Since you’re starting, it’s advisable to stick to what you know, including the sports you bet on. That way, you have a better chance of making informed decisions, enhancing your chances of bagging more wagers.

9. Research

If you’re still itching to play that exotic sport you’ve never heard of, then at least do some extensive research. Remember the procedure above–start small and keep testing and researching to hone your skills.

Even if it’s not a new sport, you will not harm your winning chances by conducting research. Brushing up on the latest statistics and teams’ current form should sharpen your knowledge arsenal.

person holding 100 US Dollar banknote

10. Avoid personal bias

We all like to see our teams perform well and a fierce rival lose. However, that doesn’t always happen in the real world.

You may decide to bet on your team based on emotions, yet they are the underdogs. Similarly, you may decide to bet against a rival even though they are the favorites, losing money in the process.

Think of betting as a business, so kick your personal bias out of the equation. After all, it’s nothing personal, just business.

11. Join a wagering forum

A little help never hurts, and one of the best ways to get it is through help forums. You don’t even have to contribute–reading the exchanges can be enlightening. Ask questions from the gaps in knowledge after going through the discussion threads.

12. Take regular breaks

Finally, the wagering world might overwhelm you emotionally and financially. Take time off through regular breaks to catch your breath, as it’s not a chore.

After recharging your batteries, you will be back refreshed and with a new perspective. Sports betting should be fun, so take a break when it becomes tedious.

Bottom line

Hearing stories of people winning big may entice you into trying your luck on staking. You wrongly assume that placing wagers will be a breeze since you have extensive knowledge of a sport.

The truth is most people lose their money while placing stakes, but you might improve your winning chances by managing your expectations, starting with small bets, and conducting in-depth research.

Additionally, wagering what you can afford to lose, avoiding personal bias, and making a budget and sticking to it should keep you away from sports betting snares.


Top 5 Biggest Poker Wins

Poker is a game played by many. For years, poker has seen many champions win tournaments and poker matches. Some players have walked away with an unbelievable amount of money by playing the game. The best part of it is that you can play the game online from your home and win cash. You can look for demo slots online if you want to play. 

With so many champions, there have been billions of dollars won in poker games. This article is about the biggest wins in poker in the history of the game. You can read it to know about the lucky, talented players who won the amounts.

Why Do People Love to Play Poker?

Poker has been played for centuries by people. It involves skills, strategies and gambling money. The more you play, the more skills you will have. There are several reasons why people love this game. Here are some of them:

  1. You can download poker for free on your smartphone. All you need to do is open your browser. 
  2. You can have a lot of fun by playing the game. It can be a good pass time for you. 
  3. You can play the game and compete with people, but connect with them as well. 
  4. You shall improve your mindset if you play poker. You can improve your skills and strategies and thus enjoy winning. 
  5. Playing games help in socialising. You might get to know a lot of people through the games. 

These are some of the reasons why people love the game poker, and many people play it. 

Tips on Winning in Poker

Poker is fun if you play with skills and techniques. You can try to follow a few tips if you want to make sure that you win the match. To begin with, you should never think about hands. Always think about the rangers. It would be best if you ditched the favourite hand you have. It would be best to keep in mind to know when you have to fold your aces. You do not need to play bad games. These are some of the quick poker tips which you can try to apply. 

What Are the Best Strategies for Poker?

To play poker, you need to have some skills and techniques that can make you win the game. There are some strategies that you can apply while trying to win the match. It would be best if you always played fewer hands. It would be best if you aggressively played them. You can try to avoid being the first person to limp. You might bluff a little with your draws to create pressure on your opponents. It would be best if you tried defending your big blind, always using your right hand. Never take a considerable risk, and always fold if you feel unsure about the game. These are some easy strategies you can try applying to your games. You might get skillful and lucky enough to win. In addition, having all these skills may help you win in many other games and even get the best casino offers.

The Five Biggest Poker Wins

Poker can earn you a lot of money if you know your game and have good luck with you. Here are the biggest wins in poker in the history of the game, which are as follows:

  • Sam Trickett 
  • Jamie Gold
  • Elton Tsang
  • Daniel Colman
  • Antonio Esfandiari

5. Sam Trickett

Sam Trickett won $10,112,001 in 2012. His nationality is English, and he is a professional poker player. He currently holds fifth place for the biggest wins in the history of poker. He was initially a football player, but he suffered an injury to his knee. In 2005, he decided to restart his life as a professional poker player. It seems like he took the right decision because he is the twelfth richest winner now as he owns a total of more than $20,000,000 from all his matches. He is also the most successful poker player in Great Britain.

4. Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold won about $12,000,000 in the year 2006 on the WSOP event. WSOP is a reputed event that gained players rapidly with time and even paid a gruesome amount of $82.5 million as the most significant prize. The sudden success of Jamie Gold made him famous overnight because of his poker skills. He is currently the fourth most crucial winner in the history of poker. He has excellent techniques, which made him win such a massive amount of cash. 

3. Elton Tsang

Elton Tsang won $12,248,912 in 2016 and is the third position holder in the biggest poker wins in history. He won it from Monte Carlo One Drop Extravaganza. Elton is one of the most skilled Asian poker players and got famous because of his talent and living in Hongkong. He founded the first live tournament of poker in Macau. Elton got more established in poker after this tournament and has a name in the poker game to be aggressive while betting and putting pressure on the opponent. 

2. Daniel Colman

Daniel Colman won an amount of $15,306,668 in the year 2014. He is a professional poker player who mainly plays online games. Daniel came into the spotlight and became famous internationally when he won the massive prize at the Big One for One Drop tournament. Danie has a nickname he uses when he is playing online. It is mrGR33N13. He got a healthy reputation as a poker player when he won an extraordinary amount of $1,000,000 within nine months of gameplay. He has shown extreme sensibility of the game and can read the table too. It is why he got so successful in the poker game. 

1.Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiari holds the biggest win in the history of poker, who won an amount of $18,346,67 back in 2012 at WSOP. His massive success came from the Big One for One Drop tournament. He is a professional poker player and has earned the respect of his fellow players and colleagues with his skills and techniques. He is a high-roller poker player and has gained the nickname ‘The Magician’ in the poker industry.

These are the top five winners of the biggest poker prizes in the history of the game. They have earned a lot of money and have inspired several people with their journey. 

Final Words

Poker is a card game played by many across the world. Some play it as a hobby, while some play professionally. There have been several notable wins in poker in the history of the game. The winners were lucky and highly skilful to have attained the positions. If you love playing poker, you can read this article and get inspired by the best players.